CPO Certified

Both Dana and Todd Stephenson are, and have been CPO® Certified since 2012. Certified by the NSPF® CPO (certified pool spa operator) is recognized by many companies and health departments. Having this certification gives us the upper hand on health related issues, such as water born diseases that can happen at any time, in any body of water, even in yours!! We recognize this and strictly advocate perfect water chemistry.

Having CPO training, they have the proper training to look for any safety or health concerns. Whether it be an improperly grounded swimming pool or unvented chemical storage. Trust us they can see it before it becomes a problem. This is what makes them Qualified for pool inspections. Yes, pool inspection.

Swan Pools & Spas has offered this service since 2012. Serving both the residential and commercial markets. So whether your a realtor or just buying a house with a swimming pool and are looking for a professional opinion, call us today!